Nook Touch Items For July 1st

Looking for Nook Touch rooting instructions? Start here.

Oh snap!

The Russian is back with two more videos. Shame, America, shame! Get your videos up too!

These demonstrate Opera Mobile on the rooted Touch:

I don’t like all that flashing. I know it’s too much to expect Android devs to create special eInk editions of their software, but could they add options that are eInk-friendly? Like, for example, disabling animation in menus? Animation seems to account for that excessive flashing (see the pop-up bottom menu in the second video). In fact, the devs should do all the optimization and have one simple option: Enable eInk Mode.

This video is all in Italian and gives an overview of the Nook Touch:

This is the companion post with photos, such as this one:

I have fondled the Nook Touch with my own flesh! Here’s a sneak peek photo:

I will many more tomorrow in a post.

Even though I’m not on Twitter (well, like I used to be), I still use Twitter Search for research.

And sometimes doing that leads to funny:!/margievz/statuses/86559200628588546

And sometimes it stops me in my tracks:!/JianyuLiapoko/statuses/86310559196258305


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3 responses to “Nook Touch Items For July 1st

  1. akrin

    “In fact, the devs should do all the optimization and have one simple option: Enable eInk Mode.”
    Agreed! I hope that will come. Remapping hardware buttons as page up/page down could also lessen the flickering. As each step in a drag seems to repaint the screen currently.

    • mikecane

      >>>Menu-Settings-Display-Animation-NO ANIMATIONS

      I don’t think there’s such an option on the Nook Touch. But I didn’t dig through Settings in my fondle yesterday.

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