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The iPad Needs The Classic Mac’s Switcher

James Kendrick has a very good point here — Why is it so hard to build a good tablet? Trying to do too much — but doesn’t close the circle.

Whether you like Apple and the iPad or not, there is no denying that a primary reason this tablet has been welcomed by consumers is the simplicity of the device. The iPad isn’t designed to run lots of apps at the same time, with a handful of exceptions it only runs one at a time. This makes it possible for Apple to control the load on the device at any given time, and make sure that nothing runs amok in the background. This is in large part why the iPad operates as smooth as butter, and onscreen activity is as fluid as can be. Apple’s tight control may be losing functionality due to the lack of extra activity in the background, but it is guaranteeing that the performance of the iPad is as good as can be. This is more important to consumers than the loss of multitasking as found on other platforms.

What did he miss?

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Holiday Weekend

I’ll be reducing my online activity until Tuesday.

I have this to watch:

Sometimes sequels just shouldn’t be done.

I hope this won’t be one of those times.

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Nano Fondles: Samsung, HTC Androids

In my closing moments at Best Buy — I needed to rush to the Apple Store for that PDF test still and then rush home — I encountered the new ten-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Holy shit! That thing is thinner and lighter than an iPad 2. I mean you really notice it. Aside from the aspect ratio (16:9), it’s the weight and thickness the HP TouchPad should have had — must have.

The screen is bright and sharp (what a change from the HP TouchPad!). I didn’t get much time on it because the anti-theft alarm kept going off and I had someone hovering nearby to rush to shut it off.

I basically tried out the reading program. Bottom line: If eBooks were all as shitty as that, I’d be advocating we stay with print!

I didn’t get any photos. Thank you, damn alarm!

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Fondle: HP TouchPad

All photos taken July 1, 2011.

My first encounter with an HP TouchPad yesterday was at J&R:

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Fondle: iPad 2

This post won’t have any photos.

This fondle was in two parts, the first at a Best Buy, the second at an Apple Store.

I previously got to touch one very, very briefly the day it was introduced, at J&R.

The Best Buy demo model had two apps on it I got to try: Molecules and Flipboard.

There is no other word than this for both: WOW!

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Fondle: Barnes & Noble Nook Touch

All photos taken July 1, 2011.

Finally I was able to get to a Barnes & Noble and see what everyone has been writing about: the Nook Touch.

Here it is, being touched by my flesh!

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