Fondle: iPad 2

This post won’t have any photos.

This fondle was in two parts, the first at a Best Buy, the second at an Apple Store.

I previously got to touch one very, very briefly the day it was introduced, at J&R.

The Best Buy demo model had two apps on it I got to try: Molecules and Flipboard.

There is no other word than this for both: WOW!

Neither app was the full version, but even so, dahyum! When someone wonders what’s possible with a tablet, just show them the two of those and be prepared to pick them up from the floor after fainting in joy!

Everything on the iPad 2 is just so damn fluid.

I keep forgetting what it’s like when I’m not using one. All of the friction has been taken out of the computing experience.

And the slimmer and lighter 2 makes it seems like you’re holding a paper notepad. It feels like a device from the Star Trek future.


Now if only Apple will pull its damn thumb out!


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2 responses to “Fondle: iPad 2

  1. Danielle

    Mike, I love m iPad. I barely pick up my Kindle or Sony to read my ebooks. And with the Blue Fire app I can download my Sony books on it and also the books I buy from

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