I Finish Jon Rubinstein’s Email

Jon Rubinstein sends message to HP staff; Addresses TouchPad reviews

You’ve also seen that reviewers rightly note things we need to improve about the webOS experience. The good news is that most of the issues they cite are already known to us …

Here, let me properly finish that:

… yet we shipped that piece of shit anyway, sending all of your hard work down the toilet in one flush of bad reviews. That’s just how I roll, Team. Get used to it.

Just remember that exchange between Bill Gates and his daughter:

Jennifer: Ew, Daddy! You got rich selling people shit!

BillG: Yep.

Team, I think we can all take heart from that. Bill Gates didn’t give a fuck, yet he wound up ruling the world. So why can’t we?

Now back to your pens. There are more bad reviews to create in the weeks ahead! Just remember too: HP backwards stands for Pride Hurts. So stay humble in the face of our ongoing humiliations.

Previously here:

Fondle: HP TouchPad

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