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The Next Book By Ben Mezrich

Someone went a bit po-mo overboard there.

See an alternate version after the break.

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Kobo Overhauls Desktop, Accepts Borders Gift Cards

Kobo released a “critical update” (that’s what the dialog box called it) to its desktop software yesterday.

I found out about it today, when I coincidentally launched the software to see if there was an update.

Kobo has done a major overhaul of its desktop software.

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The World’s Loneliest Icon


“Made for HP webOS” Icon Emerges

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Nook Touch Tweet Of The Day

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Google+ Experience

It’s no Twitter. I doubt it’ll ever be a Twitter.

Or even real competition.

It seems to be FriendFeed reborn.

I’ve used it for several hours today and it really needs a few million people on it to see if it’ll be worthwhile.

So far, it’s not.

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Comic Books Come To HP TouchPad

Aquafadas’ AveComics App To Support HP TouchPad

To see the selection of comics before getting the app, go here.

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Hamster eBook Converter

Click = big

Big, bold claims.

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Developer: Amazon Appstore Is A Disaster

A post that must be read to be believed: Apparatus will be pulled from Amazon Appstore

Apparently so little thought went into creating the Amazon Android App Store that it’s doing some developers more harm than good.

Many of the complaints he has should have never happened.

When Amazon’s tablets appear, the shortcomings of that store are going to snowball into a rotten customer experience for everyone.

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Apple’s Very Own iTARDIS

What would make sense for Apple to use its $51+ billion in cash for a strategic acquisition?

Apple has used that money to corner the market on advanced components, getting them before everyone else — and blocking competitors for at least a year or two.

If it feels like new Apple products appear futuristic, it is because Apple really is sending back technology from the future.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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