Google+ Experience

It’s no Twitter. I doubt it’ll ever be a Twitter.

Or even real competition.

It seems to be FriendFeed reborn.

I’ve used it for several hours today and it really needs a few million people on it to see if it’ll be worthwhile.

So far, it’s not.

It also has a confusing UI with too many steps. I shouldn’t have to click an Add button for an URL after pasting it in before hitting Share. It should be smart enough to understand it should click Add for me once I’ve hit Share.

I can’t figure out how to DM someone. I had to settle for an email via their Google Profile(!).

I think Circles are really a UI gimmick. They might worthwhile for putting together ad-hoc groups, but as the standard way to Follow people, they’re just ridiculous.

And all the “tweets” (plussies?) I thought I was sending out to Public were really going only to the single Circle I’d set up. That’s another UI FAIL.

I think I’ll try it again when they’ve opened it up to a lot more people.

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3 responses to “Google+ Experience

  1. I think If you post something, don’t make it public and send it to this person, it’s like a DM

    I’ll tried to send you one…

  2. So far, it is a bit underwhelming. But if there were more people on it, then items like Hangout would work nicely. As it is, I can see how a cross country critique group could use this to have all members meet vs paying subscriptions for Skype.

    But, at the moment, I do agree that the hype is a bit much. It needs a greater influx of people.

    • mikecane

      I think they let in all the Circle Jerk tech wankers and now they’re spraying the hype all over, pleased at themselves for being allowed in first. I’ve got news for those idiots: They can’t be found in G+ and they’re mostly talking to themselves. As is par for the course.

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