Hamster eBook Converter

Click = big

Big, bold claims.

But I don’t know if they’re true or not.

I installed it. Got an error message. Uninstalled it. Rebooted. Reinstalled it. Got that error message again.

Then I looked at the site and although it’ll run with Windows XP, it also requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

And no, it doesn’t check to see if that’s installed first.

And no, I don’t have that installed. It slows down this PC too much.

So, no Hamster for me.

You go try it.

Update, July 5, 2011: Nate has his own take on this.


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4 responses to “Hamster eBook Converter

  1. Someone’s gotta sort the ebook situation out. I don’t bother with them. I had a few from that Mobi place – one or two recent titles too. But the restrictions mean I can’t use them now I’ve upgraded my phone. It’s all too much trouble. I could get a Kindle. But I don’t want one. I just can’t be bothered with it.
    These damn ebooks need to run on anything by default – including old Morse code sets from the 1930s. No special software either. Just throw ’em over with a file manager.
    It needs to be easy and totally non proprietary – not because I want to rip authors/publishers off, more that I don’t want to pay for stuff that is hard. You want it to be as easy as throwing a paperback book in your bag… and I run Linux on my computers, so I’m no luddite (ironically, once you get to know it, Linux is easier than the paid-for systems).

  2. jmurphy

    This is just calibre warmed over and ported to dotnet.

    “Hamster Free eBook Converter made by HamsterSoft and based on Calibre-engine created by Kovid Goyal and inherits all GNU GPL 3.0 restrictions. “

  3. Graham

    Note that the Hamster software is violating the terms of the GPL v3 license by not releasing its full source code, and is thus not using the calibre code with the agreement of its authors. See:


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