Facebook Skype Video Chat Is Huge

I got on Twitter and also watched the live Facebook video of this announcement.

Yes, it is huge. Because it’s Facebook.

And that’s an entirely separate audience from the techies.

The objection above is really in the line of, “What’s so great about the iPad? Pffft! We’ve had tablet computers before that.”

Yeah? Who the hell bought them before the iPad?

Here is the point about Facebook + Skype:


I’ve watched Chippy initiate Skype with JKK and others in his live video chats. It seems painful as all hell. And those examples have acted as an anti-advertisement for the service.

Facebook has really made it seemingly Apple elegant.

I say seemingly because the word “browser” was never defined. Do they mean Firefox and Internet Explorer? Is Safari in there? And what about Opera?

Putting aside that, people don’t have to know a damn thing to do it except:

1) Pick someone to video Skype with
2) Start video call

On the other end, the lamest idiot only has to:

1) Accept call
2) Accept, if needed, magical plug-in download

BAM! Done.

No going outside of their Facebook environment. No dealing with tech shit. It’s all handled by and inside Facebook.

This is Apple-easy.

This is Apple App Store easy.

Some people have raised objections about people not wanting video calling because of the way they look on video.

That objection is to strangers.

Zuckerborg made the point that people tend to have about seven people in their Groups. He stressed the intimacy of that. That tells me those seven know each other in real life. So doing video Skype won’t present any vanity roadblocks. They all know what each other looks like. They’ve already done pictures and videos of one another.

Video Skype will be huge on Facebook and likely replace photo sharing.

Why go through all the crap of:

1) Grabbing a camera
2) Turning on a camera
3) Taking a picture (more than once, likely, to get it right)
4) Remove SD card from camera
5) Insert SD card into PC or reader
6) Initiate file selector for upload
7) Select file
8) Upload
9) Do whatever shit needs to be done on the Facebook side to share it

Instead, most of it will happen like this: “Ooh! I just bought something. Let’s do a video call so I can show you!”

“Let me show you” video calls will dominate. I’d put real money on that.

Video Skype on Facebook will also drive new people to Facebook. Why would anyone want to go through all the crap of setting up Yet Another Account — on Skype, just for Skype — when all they have to do is set up a minimal Facebook page and BAM! free video Skype?

If there were people I was interested in video calling, I’d go back to my minimal Facebook page just to set up that to have.

So, yes. Video Skype on Facebook is a huge, huge thing.

It’s not for you techies.

Just like the iPad isn’t meant for you.

This is for all the real people.

Who are all using Facebook.



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6 responses to “Facebook Skype Video Chat Is Huge

  1. I agree that more people will use video chat now, but I’m not sure Skype has been only for techies up to now. My grandmother uses Skype to communicate with his grandchildren around the world and she owns a webcam since 2007.

    • mikecane

      Good for her. But this will only widen that audience even more and no one needs to get Yet Another Account to do it. Maybe now friends of your grandmother will be able to video Skype to her via Facebook!

  2. Pete

    This, like every other video calling service will continue to be outside the mainstream. Video calls are awkward and once the novelty of using it a couple of times wears off people seldom return to it.

    Facebook certainly will bring an influx of new video callers, but I predict in just a few months that will taper off.

  3. janey

    What i’m seeing are people claiming that they’re just ripping off Google.

    Where is the “one click solution” for video chat on Google? Even Google+ with its dozens of users so far? Hmm…

    I have to admit that I wish they used FaceTime, but Skype is cool too. Hopefully Microsoft will be nice to it.

  4. I with Pete (above). I made ONE Skype video call to a friend. We just sat there, looked at each other, and it was like, “what the hell are we doing this for?”

    Count me utterly unmoved & uninterested. Of course, I’m not the target audience.

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