Google+ Hype Machine: The Reality

My god, the bloody hype makes the empty Google+ sound like The Second Coming.

Don’t believe any of that bullshit.

This is the truth:

Google is moving too damn slow. Get a million people on there — now!

And stop screwing around with the UI. It’s bad enough as it is.


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7 responses to “Google+ Hype Machine: The Reality

  1. Nik

    Lol..the UI isnt that bad. I quite like the simplicity of it to be honest. True about the pace of movement though! I only have 4 people who have added me to their circles


    • mikecane

      The UI is horrible! People say I can edit a post (“plussy”) but I have no such ability. I’ve seen the number of people in the Circles I created change. The Circles UI is a ridiculous horizontal split screen when it needs to be vertical. I can’t change my mind and delete a link after adding it but before sharing it … I could go on, but that’s enough.

  2. Keishon

    You all are the field testers….we couldn’t join even if we wanted to. It’s at capacity right now. I did the interactive tour though.

  3. Obviously they are not reaching capacity and is Google’s way of keeping the number of users limited, preventing massive bad media over its service while tweaking it, and to continue driving the hype. Remember Google Buzz? That fell to crap in a hand basket because Google released it to the masses far too soon. And what about Facebook when they first began? Remember, Facebook was initially only available to ivy league college students, then it went to all universities, then community colleges, then to the rest of the masses. That process took 1-2 years if I remember correctly. It is in my opinion that FB would not be nearly as successful as they are today had they released to all the masses within a matter of months. Think about it, over the 1-2 years or so, their popularity along with hype continued to increase, once made available to everyone, it was a slam dunk. Google has been researching this for years and has had failed attempts in the past. I doubt they want to make any mistakes this time around, and have learned their lessons from the past. Give it some time…

  4. K

    I googled around a few weeks ago, found an invite code and joined. I deleted my account 36 hours later. As a photographer looking to showcase work, I found the Google+/Picasa interface too awkward and limiting to show images at a decent resolution. The people hyping it up make me cringe. On the plus-side, if it works as a tosser-magnet and keeps them all in a walled-garden of mirrors, that’s some relief for the rest of us.

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