What Good Are The Police Then?

Chief calls looting, beatings in Riverwest barbaric

Most of the 11 people who told the Journal Sentinel they were attacked or witnessed the attacks on their friends said that police did not take their complaints seriously. They each said police responded to the scene quickly and tended to the injured, but officers did not take statements from them and told them to leave the area.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The Police Commissioner and the Chief of Police should be fired and stripped of their pensions. All the responding officers who refused to take statements should be fired and stripped of their pensions.

No more of this bullshit.


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3 responses to “What Good Are The Police Then?

  1. yannis oasis

    police is good in some cases catching criminals.But they have become totaly impersonal automatons good for colecting money for the politician parasites.

  2. Joe Sturgis

    Catching criminals? Bullshit! They only respond if the case is a high publicity wide MSM attention crime, criminals get away with murder if the media doesn’t pay any mind to it. All the police in NYC are good for is writing up tickets and harassing citizens…they all suck! Fuck them all! I don’t trust any of them., & if your smart, neither should you! They are always looking for a collar, and meeting the ticket quota for their local precincts.

    • mikecane

      Yes. And seeing paramilitary cops with head-to-toe body armor and automatic weapons “protecting” us in public places is more intimidating that reassuring. What are they expecting? A pack of crazed Muslims to run into the subway or a transportation terminal? Someone has been setting policy while watching too many goddammed rotten Hollywood action movies!

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