This? This Is How It Ends?

What the hell? The world ends with the desiccated face of that shit peddler and ambulatory cultural tumor, Rupert Murdoch?

Oh, they mean that rag newspaper of his, The News of the World!

Here is writer Dennis Potter near death, warning all of you. When will you lot listen?


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6 responses to “This? This Is How It Ends?

  1. Good you’ve flagged that one up. I’d forgotten all about it – had noted it ages ago.
    One other way of looking at the News of the World is this: It was supplying a market (readers). The readers didn’t want to know how the paper got its stories. As soon as this was revealed not one of them is going to admit they don’t care about the phone hacking and that they just want the scandal stories.
    So you could blame the market/readers as much as the News of the World itself. No one is, though. And we’re now hearing the cawing of the middle-classes, Guardian-reader types, gloating at the demise of this long established working-class newspaper. Plus the “whiter-than-white” upper-middle-class politicians doing their condemning “evil” act.
    Let he/she who is without evil cast the first stone…
    I’m not pro Murdoch, just noting the other side of this. Yes, it was pretty low hacking the phones of families of murder victims, and so on. But we are also seeing a certain class prejudice come out – as if the News of the World scandal makes it OK to vent underlying prejudices.
    As a final note, I’ll say that writers for Britain’s tabloids are some of the best writers around (far better than “broadsheet” writers). They really know how to tell stories and get complex information across concisely. They are skilled and imaginative. A whole lot of ’em will be out of a job after this Sunday.

  2. I think he did too… What we’ll probably get over here is The Sun On Sunday. More of the same and owned by News International. There’s also something about some cops with the Metropolitan Police selling info to News of the World reporters… back in the 70s cops took bungs from criminals…when that was stopped they just took bungs from reporters…

    • mikecane

      Those skilled reporters shouldn’t lose their jobs. The Murdochs en masse should hang instead. It’s their crime, not the writers’.

  3. Ambulatory cultural tumor [bows]

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