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Why Twitter Should Buy webdoc If Apple Won’t

I set up a test webdoc to briefly commemorate the life of Space: 1999 production designer Keith Wilson.

And, so far, I’ve had three astonishing replies that really illustrate the untapped power of webdoc when it’s put in the hands of the right people.

And it occurred to me that this is exactly the kind of thing people have tried to do on Twitter.

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Playing With webdoc

Some things I have done to test out features:

Gerry Anderson’s Supercar

R.I.P. Keith Wilson

Just Some Photos Of Writer Ken Bruen

I Still Want To Go Home

I’m not trying anything fancy yet.

Update: If you really want to see some of the incredible power of webdoc, look at the two replies I got to R.I.P. Keith Wilson. Amazing! It’s almost like collaborative blogging.

Previously here:

webdoc: This Changes Everything, Just Like Apple Did

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