What A Twitter For Grown-Ups Could Look Like

In this post — Why Twitter Should Buy webdoc If Apple Won’t — I called for Twitter to acquire webdoc.

The key reason being that Twitter has become too important as a crowd-sourced collection of news, information, and knowledge.

As long as it continues its ephemeral nature (try using Search Twitter to see what I mean!), sooner or later people will abandon it because it’s not serving their grown-up requirements.

The most important of which is to be able to go back and find that news, information, and knowledge that it contains.

webdoc would solve that problem, as I suggest in that post.

I went a bit further today to offer proof of this.

I did a webdoc illustrating one example of what such a Twitter + webdoc combination might look like.

I took some of today’s tweets by Jose Afonso Furtado and compiled them into a webdoc. Known on Twitter as @jafurtado, he daily tweets many, many links to stories about electronic publishing and is a must-Follow for anyone in that field or interested in it.

Here’s a clip of what one of his tweets might look like as a permanent reference point in webdoc:

Click = big

At the top is his original tweet embedded. Below it is the story he’s linking to, also embedded.

Since it’s now in a webdoc, people could search for it; it’d be permanent and not vanish like tweets do.

In addition, with the story being embedded, people have more information to judge whether or not that’s what they’ve been looking for.

Although I don’t think Google+ is a real competitor to Twitter, it does offer embeds of the type I show here. And as more people use Google+, they’re going to want that capability on Twitter as well.

This is Twitter’s chance to get ahead of upcoming user dissatisfaction.

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  1. john

    you’re a wise sage. strike that, e-sage…..

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