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The Rankest Of Rank Writer Amateurism


Amateurs — who will always be that, and therefore turn into embittered amateurs — think that their mission is to pimp the hell out of their own work.

Professionals understand that’s the job of their readers.

No one other than an idiot is going to listen to your constant “Buy my book!” crap.

What do people listen to? This: “I just read this book, I liked it, and I want to recommend it to everyone else.”

Heed this:

5. Marketing comes last, if at all. Google didn’t advertise until long after it became a household name.

Professionals write.

Their readers do the selling.


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This Is What Twitter Does Not Want To Happen

And it’s just as I expected, this shoe has now dropped:


For those who don’t know, #ePrdctn is a running hashtag that eBook production professionals use for conversation and Q&As on Twitter.

If those participating in #ePrdctn see that Google+ can accommodate their conversations better than Twitter can, the exodus will begin for them.

And that’s how it will be with many, many other such groups that have organized on Twitter.

This is not something Twitter wants to happen.

Will they wake up in time to stop it?

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Staten Island Apartment Building Fire

I put this in webdoc.

I wanted to embed a Google Map too, but it wouldn’t give me the correct intersection. Fail, Google, fail!

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iriver Story HD: The Device Google Books Will Use

Yesterday Google decided to jump in with eBook hardware.

Here’s a video demonstrating that device. Stick with it. English does come up on the screen. There is no sound.

This begs the questions of whether a Kindle 4 will also have a high resolution screen or if Sony has that planned for its new Reader(s). These days, an eBook reader really requires a touchscreen, not retro hard buttons.

After a break, two videos: an unboxing of the stock iriver Story HD and one Engadget did comparing it to the Kindle 3.

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Video: Windows 7 On Rooted Nook Touch

The freakiest thing you will see all day:

Of course, the trick he’s not revealing is that he’s using one of those programs that gives you remote control of a PC.

Windows 7 cannot fit anywhere inside the guts of a Nook Touch.

Let’s see if someone can do something similar with OS X running on a Nook Touch!


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