The Rankest Of Rank Writer Amateurism

Amateurs — who will always be that, and therefore turn into embittered amateurs — think that their mission is to pimp the hell out of their own work.

Professionals understand that’s the job of their readers.

No one other than an idiot is going to listen to your constant “Buy my book!” crap.

What do people listen to? This: “I just read this book, I liked it, and I want to recommend it to everyone else.”

Heed this:

5. Marketing comes last, if at all. Google didn’t advertise until long after it became a household name.

Professionals write.

Their readers do the selling.


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8 responses to “The Rankest Of Rank Writer Amateurism

  1. Danielle

    And that is why I don’t Twitter!

    • mikecane

      Or when you did, you Followed the wrong people. I get annoying promos from one or two people, but I let them indulge it as a lesson they need to learn on their own.

  2. I get plenty of that in my inbox, too. And l have dropped follows for the same reason as Jane. The DM spam is the worst. One guy hit me with several messages in a row. I could not get to the “unfollow” button fast enough.

  3. That’s a good lesson and it doesn’t only apply to writers!

  4. It’s not just Twitter. Check out this champion thread-bumper!

  5. Robert Nagle

    Of course, your logic is circular because how would your friends recommend it if they have never even heard of it?

    I see nothing wrong with opt-in announcements, especially if it’s done on once-in-a-blue-moon basis.

    I certainly am no marketing type, but sometimes a more passive approach (such as the URL accompanying this comment) is more likely to draw in people than push marketing.

    Speaking of which, have you noticed that many site commenting systems have gone the way of OpenID/Facebook/etc and no longer let you associate a comment with a URL. Terrible.

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