This Is What Twitter Does Not Want To Happen

And it’s just as I expected, this shoe has now dropped:!/mikecane/status/90903800679899136

For those who don’t know, #ePrdctn is a running hashtag that eBook production professionals use for conversation and Q&As on Twitter.

If those participating in #ePrdctn see that Google+ can accommodate their conversations better than Twitter can, the exodus will begin for them.

And that’s how it will be with many, many other such groups that have organized on Twitter.

This is not something Twitter wants to happen.

Will they wake up in time to stop it?

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5 responses to “This Is What Twitter Does Not Want To Happen

  1. I hope that doesn’t happen. I am on Google+ now and I find it promising but very raw. Never know. There might be a different use case for each. After all, Facebook and Twitter seems to coexist nicely.

    • mikecane

      I don’t think Facebook is the kind of threat to Twitter that G+ can be. As I said on Twitter, when people organize into groups, they become backbones of a service. If groups leave, services are left with trivia.

  2. James Katt

    Google likes to mess around with technologies and services then yank them away when it realizes it can’t make money on them. After all, its free as in free beer.

    Messaging is Twitter’s life blood. It’s not going to go away. Millions of people still have feature phones for which twitters are useful but G+ isn’t.

    Twitter is also much more deeply embedded in iOS than Google+ will ever be.

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