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Why I Now Despair For webOS

Interview: HP’s Stephen DeWitt and Jon Rubinstein on webOS, the death of Palm, and partnering with Amazon

So the development of webOS is being driven by Ari (Jaaksi). Ari has been driving it for the last seven months, and he continues to drive it.

People repeatedly say how “brilliant” he is.

All I’ve ever seen is his record of releasing utter shit.

He was responsible for that abomination that nearly drove me insane, the Nokia Internet Tablet 770:

Better late than never

I’m heading the Linux and open source development at Nokia, responsible e.g. for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet -software.

The 770 was the worst product I have ever handled in my life — then and now:

Nokia 770: The Endgame

What could incite such bitter disgust and raging hatred in me towards a device? I’ve been using tech professionally for twenty-seven years.

Put on some sunglasses — because it will scorch your eyes — and read that.

Now you can understand why the dictionary for webOS in the HP TouchPad has “dont” in it instead of “don’t.” Why touches don’t register. Why the device is laggy.

That is his record!

The HP TouchPad is the Nokia Internet Tablet 770 all over again!



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The Truth Of Being A Writer

All of you think you’re going to hit it big and get rich.

Better develop that appetite for a sandwich.

If you’re even that lucky.

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This Is What Twitter Does Not Want To Happen, Part Five

OK, this is just plain embarrassing:

Click = big

I clicked to go to best-selling writer Colson Whitehead’s Twitter page and got that.

For the past half hour, Twitter has been having a sort of meltdown, throwing out error messages like that for both individual tweets I’ve clicked to as well as Twitter home pages.

Could you imagine clicking in Google+ to a Google Profile and seeing that when it wasn’t true?


This is doubly embarrassing given the news today about Google+.

Twitter sinking into unreliability (again!) is its own advertisement for people to go elsewhere.

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New Sony Reader(s) In August

Sony Preparing New E-Book Reader to Challenge Amazon

It’s about bloody time we had some word!

I’d just about written Sony out of the picture.

A Comment here stated that the tsunami screwed-up Sony. Their production line was in an affected area and rather than move it, they went ahead letting current model supplies dry up and went ahead with a creating a new production line elsewhere for new models (or one model; we’ll see).

Sony has to come in at $99 (Pocket 400) and $139 (6″ 800). Any other prices and they just shouldn’t bloody bother.


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NYPL And NYC Budget Cuts

Just got this via email:

July 14, 2011

Dear New Yorker,

When the City Council began budget negotiations in February, we were presented with a preliminary budget that included, among other things, a 29 percent cut to the City’s libraries.

Such a cut would have undermined much of the progress that we’ve made over the years to ensure that New Yorkers in every community have access to quality library service, resulting in most branches opening only three days a week at best.

We couldn’t let that happen, and we’re very pleased to report that we successfully worked with Mayor Bloomberg to restore $83 million in funding to the city’s libraries in the Fiscal Year 2012 Adopted Budget.

This restoration should prevent any closures and lay-offs throughout the New York, Queens and Brooklyn library systems.

It will also allow most, if not all, of our neighborhood branches to remain open five days a week, ensuring that New Yorkers will continue to have access to all the free books, media, job training and other critical resources that our City’s libraries provide.

We want to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who campaigned to help protect these vital institutions.

We still had to make some very painful decisions this year to help balance the City’s budget. But we were able to pass a fiscally responsible budget on time – one that protects libraries, teachers, firehouses and other essential services without jeopardizing our City’s future.

Special thanks as well to DC 37 and the heads of the New York, Queens and Brooklyn library systems for working with us to help keep libraries a top priority in the Fiscal Year 2012 adopted budget.

While this was an important win for our City, next year could prove to be an even bigger battle, and we hope we can continue to count on you and other library supporters.

In fact, if you haven’t had a chance to yet, we encourage you to sign up for Council “Enews.” These issue-based e-mail updates will help us to stay better connected and engaged with you about the budget, Council hearings and events, and other critical issues impacting our City. If you would like to sign up, please click here or visit us online at http://www.council.nyc.gov.

Thanks and have a very safe, relaxing and enjoyable summer!


Christine C. Quinn
NYC Council

Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.
Chair, Finance Committee
NYC Council

Jimmy Van Bramer
Chair, Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries & International Intergroup Relations
NYC Council

Vincent J. Gentile
Chair, Select Committee on Librarie
NYC Council

Of course, what’s unsaid is whether that restoration is a complete rollback of the proposed cuts or a compromise.

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TV: Torchwood Miracle Day, Episode One

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Movie: Space Battleship Yamato

I liked Star Blazers. Saw it when it originally ran in America. So I had high hopes for this.

They were all misplaced.

This was way too long, way too slow, and also changed the original story too much. I didn’t care what happened to anyone in this, unlike the original series. And the original was a cartoon!

I’m not going to stop anyone from seeing it with this post. I wouldn’t have been dissuaded, either. So be prepared for boredom. Lots of it.

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WordPress Was Down

WordPress was down for a bit yesterday, Wednesday July 13, and I went offline before it came back up.

I see I have Comments backlogged. Will get to them later.

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