Why I Now Despair For webOS

Interview: HP’s Stephen DeWitt and Jon Rubinstein on webOS, the death of Palm, and partnering with Amazon

So the development of webOS is being driven by Ari (Jaaksi). Ari has been driving it for the last seven months, and he continues to drive it.

People repeatedly say how “brilliant” he is.

All I’ve ever seen is his record of releasing utter shit.

He was responsible for that abomination that nearly drove me insane, the Nokia Internet Tablet 770:

Better late than never

I’m heading the Linux and open source development at Nokia, responsible e.g. for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet -software.

The 770 was the worst product I have ever handled in my life — then and now:

Nokia 770: The Endgame

What could incite such bitter disgust and raging hatred in me towards a device? I’ve been using tech professionally for twenty-seven years.

Put on some sunglasses — because it will scorch your eyes — and read that.

Now you can understand why the dictionary for webOS in the HP TouchPad has “dont” in it instead of “don’t.” Why touches don’t register. Why the device is laggy.

That is his record!

The HP TouchPad is the Nokia Internet Tablet 770 all over again!


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4 responses to “Why I Now Despair For webOS

  1. Newsflash. webOS had all of these problems years before Jaaksi was on the scene. That they haven’t fixed them, after 3 years, and 3 major versions of the OS, says more about the foundations on which webOS was built rather than the final implementation. The web just isn’t ready, as a platform, to compete with ‘native’ platforms like iOS and Android.

    • mikecane

      He already copped to the dictionary being his fault. Don’t give him any loopholes.

      • The dictionary is the least of webOS’ problems. I say this having been through a Prē, Prē Plus, Prē 2, and soon to be TouchPad. It’s easy to blame the new guy, but that does everyone a disservice.

      • mikecane

        Nope. HE was the ultimate one. If it was crap, HE should have said, Don’t Ship. Only once did he, with the 770. And that delay didn’t make one damn bit of difference. And the 770 continued to be shit in all of its future iterations too.

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