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Blog Notes: Twitter, webdoc, Spotify

Having spent a week on Twitter for my webdoc testing, I’ve now said goodbye to it again.

It’s just no use to me the way it is.

My series of posts about Twitter-webdoc-Google+ are getting some very large traffic here, spread over several days. That tells me people are sensing a shift is in the air and they don’t want to be left behind. We’ll see.

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Borders Will Liquidate

Borders HQ has issued the order to all remaining stores for inventory to be taken.

Expect your local Borders to begin sprouting signs like that above.

If you have a Borders Gift Card, zero it out today!

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Big News For Nook Touch Rooting

XDA Developers: Barnes & Noble Nook Touch forum

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Writing Quote Of The Day

Interview with Allan Guthrie

I think all authors should self-publish. You learn a lot. And it’s great to have no one but yourself to blame when your books don’t sell.

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