Blog Notes: Twitter, webdoc, Spotify

Having spent a week on Twitter for my webdoc testing, I’ve now said goodbye to it again.

It’s just no use to me the way it is.

My series of posts about Twitter-webdoc-Google+ are getting some very large traffic here, spread over several days. That tells me people are sensing a shift is in the air and they don’t want to be left behind. We’ll see.

I’ll have at least one more post about webdoc sometime this weekend, after I’ve sorted out all the thinking about the tests I did.

In the meantime, I have a new toy to play with: Spotify. After reading Lefsetz rave about it over the course of months, I finally have it (so do several million other Americans, I suspect).

All of you should know by now that I’m quick to find the holes in things, and I found them in Spotify quickly: No Beatles, no Transvision Vamp (shut up!), not enough Creaky Boards (see last parenthetical), not enough Autour de Lucie.

On the other hand, there’s all of Otto Vector, and that made me happy. And there’s lots of other music to keep me busy.

The interface is a lot like iTunes, so it’s a known way of doing things. I’ve not had any hiccups so far. Everything has been smooth. I can even use it while I have Opera open. I can’t do that with anything else.

I think TV and movie soundtracks are very under-represented (no James Horner Star Trek, no James Horner Brainstorm, no Barry Gray; some missing Bernard Herrmann). If Spotify could give me access to every TV and movie soundtrack, that would very, very likely tip me over to premium and renting music. The ten bucks a month is cheaper than what I would want to buy to listen to.

Lefsetz has again written about Spotify today, and says:

Speak to a user, who will say Spotify is AWESOME!

Despite the holes, he’s right. It is. Get it as soon as you can.


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One response to “Blog Notes: Twitter, webdoc, Spotify

  1. Hey Mike, try a new toy, It is similar to Google+ but launched 30 days before G+. We are not from Valley or NYC but Ankara, Turkey.

    Our strategy is much different than G+’s or Twitter’s. This also reflects in why we implemented features that way. And we think those benefit users greatly over time, such as, having no “following users” concept or ability to mute an entire group.

    If you have any questions I’m happy to answer. You can use MIKECANE91 invite code (good for 10 users) if you want to play with it.

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