Why Reviewers Must Always Tell The Truth

Because if you think everyone is hanging on your words, you just have your head up your ass.

Users will tell the truth.

Here are just two letting loose about all the crap they have to eat with the HP TouchPad:

Click = big

Click = big

Why anyone is ever in a rush to buy the newest thing (aside from anything with an apple on it — because they don’t dick around with “pre-releases” and OTA Unicorn Updates) is nothing but idiotic “Look At Me!”

From The Oatmeal

Grow up. This isn’t grade school with you having the latest Harry Potter book. And no one is impressed. All those questions you’re fielding is because you’re a guinea pig. The questioners are the scientists.

I’d rather be a scientist with $500 not wasted.


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2 responses to “Why Reviewers Must Always Tell The Truth

  1. People like to be early adopters because there’s really good stuff to use in here; the minor annoyances that some people have aren’t worth not-buying. It’s nothing to do with being first, or immature. The services integration, the effortless multitasking, the seamless integration with a webOS phone so you don’t need to switch devices, the homebrew culture, the ease of development [,Flash], etc – that’s the kind of stuff that the ‘early adopters’ want, and will laud for years to come (see also Prē users who believe their multitasking and notifications UIs to be superior to any other platform to this day). Those things matter to some people; they don’t need to justify their purchases because they know they have something they needed.

    On the other end of the spectrum… why haven’t you got yourself an iPad yet? You’ve been regretting it for 18 months now. :-D

    • mikecane

      Did Steve say WTF is happening with eBooks yet? Let’s listen …


      So no iPad.

      Listen, everything you’ve said is the same line I got for the Nokia 770. Not buying it.

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