Social Versus Selling

Why social marketing doesn’t work

So how do you produce the perfect film or write the perfect book – or compose the perfect tweet on Twitter – in a way that will maximise the chances of catching on? Duncan Watts, a mathematical sociologist at Columbia University and Yahoo! Research, has answers – and I’m afraid they’re not too encouraging. “I’ve been using social media to promote my book,” he says, “and it’s just a waste of time – it has almost no impact at all.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Let me finally stab it: There is no such thing as “social marketing.”

You’re either being social or being a marketer. Period.

And as for Duncan Watts, he needs to go read: The Rankest Of Rank Writer Amateurism

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One response to “Social Versus Selling

  1. AM

    I agree with you 100%. As a published author a lot of the online social crap is great for time suckage, but not a whole lot more.

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