Borders Today, Barnes & Noble Tomorrow

I told all of you on Friday it would be liquidating.

Now do you believe me?

And Len Riggio of Barnes & Noble, you shouldn’t feel smug. There’s a bullet out there with your company’s name on it too: It’s called basic math.


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3 responses to “Borders Today, Barnes & Noble Tomorrow

  1. Danielle

    Mike, I’m heartbroker about Borders closing but I think your right. My B&N very seldom has the new releases that I’m looking for and I’m sick of hearing them tell me they could order it for me. With at almost $4.00 I’m doing as little driving as possible.

    What ever happened to the sale for B&N??? I haven’t heard or read anything about it in awhile.

  2. This sucks…I am going to miss going to coffee shops where I can buy books (Borders and B&N are basically coffee shops with expensive high calorie coffee….) sigh.

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