Doomwatch: Gold Rises

Gold Tops $1,600 an Ounce as Debt Fears Simmer

Events since 2008 have caused my thinking to change about Doom.

For the worse!

There are now real rumblings about returning to a Gold Standard for currency values.

Here’s just one:

Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels

We are ruled by visionless cowards who want the crooked game to continue.

You think they’re going to let you own gold?

There will be calls for you to turn it in, with startling penalties for refusing to do so. Firms that deal in gold will be raided, their records confiscated, and you will be tracked down to ensure compliance with the new law.

You think the TSA is bad now? Wait until they get their latest mandate: Looking in your mouth for gold!

A return to the Gold Standard will solve nothing.

Lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, those are the causes of our troubles.

The entire world economy has become a Nigerian 419 scheme.

And we lack leadership with the will to do anything about that.


Why I will never pursue cheating again


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4 responses to “Doomwatch: Gold Rises

  1. I saw that Telegraph story on the gold standard this morning. I’d have thought a return to a gold standard and free market would be a good thing, long term.

    What is certain is these stories, in the UK at least, are buried under the phone hacking scandal. So no one is noticing as things potentially begin to crumble…

    • mikecane

      Any Gold Standard will be for the benefit of the corrupt bastards, not for us average people.

      And did you know that the value of gold during FDR’s reign was a value basically pulled out from his ass?

  2. That is a good question about whether or not they will allow us to hold gold. It is something that continues to be in the back of my mind. The dynamics globally of the citizens of various countries that view gold as money and store of value will play a big part. I don’t know how govs, like in India, can force people to divest themselves of their gold without great and violent civil unrest. Much easier in cultures like the USA where most people don’t see gold as money.

    • mikecane

      Westerners will flock to India to buy up the gold. Then have it confiscated when returning home. That’s how these things usually play out, no?

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