Connect With Me On Spotify


into the Spotify search bar and it will bring up my Profile showing all my public Playlists.

My Playlists aren’t really that. I never listen to a list of music. My Playlists are more like bookshelves and I pick a song to listen to.

Anyway, leave your Spotify username in Comments so I can connect too. I need music I’ve never heard before chosen by people who listen to it! (How’s that for an Ed Wood Jr. line?)

Update: In order for this to work, you must enable Social on Spotify and also make your Playlists public. It’s only music! We don’t judge.


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5 responses to “Connect With Me On Spotify

  1. Right. I’m KateSherrod on Spotify. Just joined. Haven’t listened to much yet but have a feeling you’ll like what I did 8)

  2. Somebody took doctorlaura. So I’m justlaura.

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