A Degenerate Nation Of Looters

Every few days Drudge has been running a collection of squibs like this:

The monetary damages are incredible versus the payoff the looters are getting.

So as well as looting at the top, we have it at the bottom now too.

This is what you extremist bastards at both ends of the sick political spectrum have created.

On the Left, you’ve perverted mercy into license. No one is to blame for their actions. It takes a village bullshit. Well, the fucking village hasn’t been looking for decades. Because they’ve been cowed.

On the Right, you sociopathic fucks have taken the fairy tales of an insane Russian emigre — Ayn Rand — and raised them above the Word of God you are eager to trot out — but not obey — for your own ends.

Looters at the bottom due to the Left.

Looters at the top due to the Right.

Both of you bastards are in for a whirlwind unprecedented in human history.

And you have brought it on yourselves.

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