Spotify Is Eating My Life

Spotify is exactly what Napster should have been allowed to legally evolve into.

I’ve listened to more and different music in the past five days than I have in the past five years.

Being able to connect with other people and playlists (as Napster allowed people to connect with other people’s hard drives) has allowed me to zip through over 600 tracks just yesterday to discover new music.

My Playlist (which is really just a bookshelf) of the music I’ve gotten from others is here: From Others (HTTP link, Spotify URI).

These are ones that I’ve Starred out of them:

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars (HTTP, Spotify)

Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event (HTTP, Spotify)

Never Forget You – Noisettes (HTTP, Spotify)

The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Offspring (HTTP, Spotify)

Ain’t No Reason – Brett Dennen (HTTP, Spotify)

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us – Sparks (HTTP, Spotify)

You’re The Voice – John Farnham (HTTP, Spotify)

Pencil Full Of Lead – Paolo Nutini (HTTP, Spotify)

Leave your Spotify username in Comments so I can see your Playlists too! My username is, of course, mikecane.


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4 responses to “Spotify Is Eating My Life

  1. I watched Eureka and Torchwood last night so didn’t Spotify, but I am spreading the word…and listening to my old Womyn Making Waves playlists which downloaded into Spotify… and looking forward to hitting other people’s lists….

    Thanks for convincing me that Spotify rules….

    • mikecane

      Don’t thank me. Thank Lefsetz who talked it up for months before it came to the U.S.. He convinced me to try it.

  2. I am zimpenfish. My playlists are essentially random and non-curated messes though.

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