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Too. Damn. Hot.

Outside thermometer in direct sunlight registered 105F.

In this kind of weather, my brain cannot function.

If there’s any blogging over the next four days, it will be brief and, I hope, not incoherent.

To console all of you, here’s a picture of kittens:



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Quote Of The Day: Anonymous/LulzSec

Anonymous & Lulz Security Statement

Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to us as you cannot arrest an idea.

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Spotify Vs. MOG

Bob Lefsetz went on and on about how great Spotify was for months.

I didn’t retain much detail because the “subscribe to music” bit was a mental roadblock. Nonetheless, when Spotify launched here in the U.S. I ran to ask for an Invite.

Today Lefsetz posts an email from the competing music service called MOG.

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TechCrunch Comment System Kills URLs

In the Comments for this post, I tried the first URL I point to below and got a 404.

I noticed there were extra characters in it, excised those, and the URL worked.

I then took that now-clean URL and pasted it into a new Comment.

See the screensnap:

Click = big

How very MySpace of TechCrunch.

And a nice way to guarantee that “the Conversation” stays among the Tech Circle Jerkers.

Really, how low can one site sink?


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