Spotify Vs. MOG

Bob Lefsetz went on and on about how great Spotify was for months.

I didn’t retain much detail because the “subscribe to music” bit was a mental roadblock. Nonetheless, when Spotify launched here in the U.S. I ran to ask for an Invite.

Today Lefsetz posts an email from the competing music service called MOG.

There are several things MOG isn’t understanding:

1) I went to their site. They allow login via Facebook, but not Twitter. Forget it. I’m not creating another account and password. I did that for Spotify, but won’t for you.

2) MOG might have a bunch of features Spotify doesn’t, but I don’t yet know that I need those. Nor do most people hopping on Spotify.

3) MOG touts music discovery. Pandora tried that. It was mostly a FAIL for me. Why should I expect MOG to do any better? Trying to find music that will appeal to me via algorithms is just a waste of effort. Go look at this Spotify folder (HTTP, Spotify) and tell me the common denominator of all of them. You can’t. Period.

4) MOG’s approach sounds the same as everyone touting a non-iPad tablet today. Where are those sales again?

I typed this post while listening to Ron Jones’ music for Star Trek: The Next Generation. On Spotify (HTTP, Spotify).


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2 responses to “Spotify Vs. MOG

  1. Sonos just launched the PLAY 3 a wireless music player that can access your iTunes library NAS drive 100 000 Internet radio stations plus all the popular music streaming services including Pandora and now even Spotify …. ..Spotify has announced via its blog the launch of its long awaited service in the U.S. ..Spotify launched this week in America last month I spent some time in Sweden with Daniel Ek Spotifys founder and Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi one of the founders of the Pirate Bay….

  2. Jason S.

    CBS News’ online series “What’s Trending” recently covered Spotify in great detail. Shira Lazar, Kevin Periera, and Zachary Levi discussed its role and possible impact on the music industry online, including how it might help music archivists and independent artists:

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