TechCrunch Comment System Kills URLs

In the Comments for this post, I tried the first URL I point to below and got a 404.

I noticed there were extra characters in it, excised those, and the URL worked.

I then took that now-clean URL and pasted it into a new Comment.

See the screensnap:

Click = big

How very MySpace of TechCrunch.

And a nice way to guarantee that “the Conversation” stays among the Tech Circle Jerkers.

Really, how low can one site sink?


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6 responses to “TechCrunch Comment System Kills URLs

  1. This isn’t really Techcrunch’s fault, as they use Facebook for their comment system. Try another Google+ link on another Facebook comments site before bashing TC.

    • mikecane

      I’m not a Facebook user, so you have an advantage. I thought TC was owned by AOL? They one time talked of having a wider system for people to log in to Comment too. At one time, they had login with Twitter too, IIRC. What changed? And why?

  2. Since the comments are run by facebook, I would suggest that it’s more to do with that than techcrunch.

    However, there are other comment tools out there that they could have used, so it’s partly their fault.

  3. As Low as it goes mate. As low as it goes

  4. Piotr

    It sucks a little that if you are using something like Do Not Track Plus, you won’t even see comments on Techcrunch as it blocks all Facebook buttons. I wonder how this drives engagement these days.

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