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Anders Behring Breivik: Oslo Terror Suspect

Note: As I was typing this, this has all been confirmed by a Norwegian newspaper: Arrested 32-year-old called himself nationalist

Of course I went Googling after his name was announced.

This listing fits his published age, 32, which would be a 1979 birth date:

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NYC Heat July 22, 2011, Part Two

NY1 is a Time Warner cable-only news channel.

Taken from an SD TV screen.


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NYC Heat July 22, 2011

Outside thermometer. In the shade.

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Twitter Has Palm’s Disease

Back when Palm was an independent company flush with success and selling the Palm III and Palm V like mad, they sent out representatives to talk to users at various retail outlets.

I attended one of these at a now-closed branch of RCS Computer Experience in NYC.

I should have seen then that Palm was doomed.

And now I see that Twitter is also doomed.

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Google+ Is Really, Really Listening

Yes, Google+ is listening:

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