Anders Behring Breivik: Oslo Terror Suspect

Note: As I was typing this, this has all been confirmed by a Norwegian newspaper: Arrested 32-year-old called himself nationalist

Of course I went Googling after his name was announced.

This listing fits his published age, 32, which would be a 1979 birth date:

Click = big Link 1

And this listing for his company seems to be for something involving farming:

Click = big Link 2

That farming connection is the key. This was a McVeigh-type bomb based on fertilizer.

In spring 2009, created 32-year-old a separate company that would engage in the cultivation of vegetables, root crops and bright. The company in this industry you can get access to large amounts of fertilizer.

And this listing places his residence in Oslo:

Click = big Link 3

This is a tax record — but I’ve been advised by a Norwegian that these never tell the entire story (note that his age might indicate this record is either three years old or they just made an error on his age):

Click = big Link 4

And he apparently set up this account six days ago to send out one tweet:

Click = big

Now that it seems this has all been the work of one madman, people might relax because it was not a conspiracy involving many. But one alienated person with access to dangerous materials is something that can’t be discovered easily by authorities. Just think of all the office shootings we’ve had here in America. So-called “solid, middle-class, law-abiding, hard-working” people who had a gun at home and decided to get what they thought of as revenge. Otherwise silent people who turn deadly when the pressure is on them.

My sympathies to the people of Norway who had to suffer because of one deranged individual with a twisted grudge.

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