Google+ Is Really, Really Listening

Yes, Google+ is listening:

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While Twitter remains deaf, dumb, and blind — drooling over its upcoming fat payday, imagining all the stupid toys they can all buy once they’re rich, and ignoring the business — over at Google+ they are apparently listening to me.

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Sometimes not with the best consequences for others…

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One post I hope they did read and will act on:

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Man, I don’t care what Andy Hertzfeld‘s past Mac reputation is. He is just not suited for web UI design if Google+ is an example of his best web work. The entire Circles thing is just a gimmick and the UI for adding people is just totally wrong, with that horizontally-split screen. It should be a vertical split, if you pigheadedly insist on inflicting that UI on people (“Ooh, let’s make it like a game!” Oh grow up! Adults want to get things done, not play with game pieces.).

I still have zero idea of how the damn thing works overall, either. Stream vs. Incoming vs. Notifications. I’m not a Facebook user, so everyone saying how it mimics Facebook does me no good as a point of reference. I find Facebook confusing and screwy too.

Accommodating users by giving them a UI that mimics another service is a trap. Those users will rebel when sensible changes are made to attract other people or to let the service grow organically.

I wrote before that a Google+ client could change things. But that’s also a trap. Giving Google+ the sensible UI it lacks via a client leaves people stranded if they ever must deal with the native web UI. That also provides a cop-out excuse for never improving the web UI: “Well, just use one of the clients.” That’s the same kind of crap I’ve been getting this week as I complain about how Twitter has again turned into browser poison. It just doesn’t fly. Hell, it doesn’t even have wings, so stop it.

Also, how is that poor UI going to fit games into it? Soon-to-Debut Google+ Games Will Hit Facebook Where it Hurts: The Pocketbook

And it won’t be just games. Google+ will be adding a lot of things. But that’s a subject for another post — about how Google+ intends to thoroughly and completely destroy Twitter.

Because Google has finally figured out what Twitter has not.


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2 responses to “Google+ Is Really, Really Listening

  1. Just one observation on your comment that accommodating users with a user interface that mimics another service is a trap. While there is some truth to that, when many of the users in your target base are familiar with a certain service and its UI, accommodating them by offering a similar UI is a very good way to make your new service seem easy to use. Many of the reflexes they already have will serve them well when they sign up for your service.

    It may well be the case that these users will rebel when you want to introduce changes later to improve the interface, but if by then they have fully adopted your service and see the value of it, there may be a very good chance that they’ll put up with the changes.

    If you do it the other way around, then you are asking the user to learn a new interface and a new service. If the user is not convinced of the value of the service from the beginning, he will certainly not be inclined to learn a new interface just to see if the service behind it is valuable to him.

    The caveat in all that is that none of it applies to Apple. They can get away with completely changing everything without sacrificing adoption because they understand so well what is intuitively natural for human beings. I have yet to see another tech company that gets that so right.

    • mikecane

      I see your point. Spotify mimics iTunes, which is makes it very, very easy to use it fast. OTOH, G+ is doing Facebook, which I don’t think is a good UI. That is probably me, though, since apparently 750M+ people have no damn problem using FB. But then, those people probably also buy crap Bestsellers thinking they are reading “good books.” They probably love Windows too and hate the iPad. So I have no problem standing in opposition to vast numbers.

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