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Musicians: Adapt To The New Real World!

My life is being wasted thirty seconds at a time on Spotify.

So many songs have these idiotic thirty-second intros that add nothing to the song. It’s gotten to the point where I wish Spotify would add a Skip First Thirty Seconds button!

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The Google+ Real Name Policy Is Wrong

I don’t know the motivation behind the Real Name policy.

Maybe someone at Google got scragged by an anonymous poster and is exacting his or her twisted revenge on the world.

But all it’s doing is making Google look like a bunch of amateurs and Police Statists who are more interested in forcing people to do something that people don’t want to do.

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Norway’s Heart Breaks

Look at that absolute heartbreak and misery.

How can anyone feel proud inflicting that on people?

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Apple’s eBook Restraint Of Trade Begins

Kobo iOS app no longer has the ebookstore inside

The expulsions have begun – Google Books gone from iOS

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