Now Google Has Apple’s Disease

What is it with companies that reach a certain size and then become hypocritical assholes?

Here is what Scoble is saying Google wants:

Google VP Vic Gundotra … says that he is trying to make sure a positive tone gets set here. Like when a restaurant doesn’t allow people who aren’t wearing shirts to enter. … mostly to have a nicer, more personal, community[.]

Now Google wants to enforce Nice?

Will there be Google Nice Police — Google STASI — monitoring what people post? If I call Google full of shit on Google+, will that be “quietly removed”? Will I wind up with a Demerit in my Google Permanent Record? Will all my Google Accounts be wiped because I Behaved Inappropriately?

How is it Twitter could open the floodgates, let people do whatever the hell they want, and it all works out without hard-assed policies and some bizarre notion that people have to be “nice”?

Apple tried this with content in the App Store. Bringing a hammer down on small creators — all the while cashing in on the worst filth from its fellow corporations in its iTunes Store for music and video.

I’ve had raging exchanges on Twitter with others, filled with obscenities on both sides, and no one got killed. No one got hurt. The worst that happened is that someone got Blocked. No one sat stewing about revenge or whined to Twitter like a baby.

Such exchanges are in fact very rare. The biggest problem Twitter has is with spammers.

Hey, Google, get the fuck out of the human makeover business.

You’re not God.

This is a post I most likely could not also post in full on Google+. You could see it on Twitter, though. It would take many tweets, but it’d get on there.

I know which place I’d rather be at and root for now.

Thanks for bringing clarity to this issue, Google.

You lose.

Update: After hitting Publish, I was reminded that Tim O’Reilly tried to pull this Net Nanny crap back in 2007:

Fuck You And Your Fucking Stickers, You Fucking Fuckheads

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Even Jeff Jarvis — whiny supplicant to the TSA — objected!

There is a point to my using words like “fuck” and such.

It screens out the assholes.

Anyone who is offended is someone not worth paying attention to. If a word can wound you, full-blown ideas will kill you. So take your lack of IQ, your warped sense of discernment, and just go away.


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4 responses to “Now Google Has Apple’s Disease

  1. What Google keeps forgetting is that to inspire nice, you have to be nice. Their heavy-handed approach has the opposite effect to what they intended and get people justifiably riled up.

    Besides, we’ve known how to create ‘nice’ communities for years. Matt Haughey’s (of Metafilter fame) wrote a short guide in 2007:

    The problem is there isn’t a way to guarantee ‘nice’ except by having moderators, and that’s just not going to work at the scale Google+ is intended to operate on.

    Still, Google should take some of Matt’s tips on board. Google+ would improve immensely.

    • mikecane

      How the hell can *I* ever be nice when I’m confronted by tweets and RTs of utter imbecility from the yearly orgy of book conferences? It’s impossible. Google wants submission to STUPIDITY. Fuck that.

  2. Hey, Google, get the fuck out of the human makeover business.

    You’re not God.

    God doesn’t seem to be interested in forcing people to be nice. I mean, yeah, there was that flood thing. And the Tower of Babel. And the pillar of salt. But on the whole…

  3. Shock Me

    I would be interested but the closest I come to Google is search and YouTube. As far as offensive and obscene materials I’m happy to use HTML5. Although a native app would display my pron quicker and with less bandwidth usage.

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