Twitter Vs. Google+: Woodstock Vs. Levittown!/mikecane/statuses/94393549717635072

So, because ideas are In The Air for anyone to grab, someone else did it before I could get to it:

Google+ vs. Twitter: Planned Community vs. Organic Growth

He nails all the important points I was going to make.

My metaphor was different.

Twitter was Woodstock but it never adapted to its users, who wanted to stay and party on.

Google+ is building Levittown. And given Google’s requirement for “Nice,” it means the Woodstock party ain’t gonna happen there. Not ever.

Woodstock, as barbaric as it was, was a symbol of a cultural revolution.

Levittown was a codification of 1950s conformity and the stifling of individual expression.

I’d rather be at Woodstock and put up with the mess.

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One response to “Twitter Vs. Google+: Woodstock Vs. Levittown

  1. Brilliant. I think Twitter is going to be The Thing. It’s sorta unstoppable.

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