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WordPress Gets A New Post-Publish Screen

After hitting Publish on a post, I would stay at the Post Entry screen. That’s changed. Now I see this:

Click = big

I’m not sure if I like that. Having the Post Entry screen still there was great for killing typos I found post-Publish. Now I must call that up again.


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George Lucas Loses UK Copyright Battle

Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court

A Lucasfilm spokeswoman said: “We believe the imaginative characters, props, costumes, and other visual assets that go into making a film deserve protection in Britain. The UK should not allow itself to become a safe haven for piracy.”

What “piracy”? The court ruled the legal Copyright had expired.

George Lucas and his Hollywood supporters also argued the ruling posed a “significant threat” to the UK film industry as film-makers would be deterred from using UK propmakers for fear of copyright infringement.

What FUD. Next time, Lucas, get a fully-vetted contract on paper signed by everyone involved. You lacked the paperwork and left it all wide open for the court to rule on what was being covered, not a contract.

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