TV: The Code, Episode One

What the hell has happened to the BBC?

This first episode is shockingly bad.

The explanation of Prime Numbers was good. Well illustrated and it just might finally stick in my head.

But all that teasing about how ratios are embedded in cathedrals? How cathedrals are symphonies in stone? Then why is it I find cathedrals to be uniformly ugly and the worst symbols of human oppression and intimidation? Where’s the beauty of math to be found in any of them that resonates with an uplift of the human spirit? They’re designed to overwhelm the human spirit and crush it!

The infiniteness of Pi was good.

And the Imaginary Number stuff was a grand tease. But that’s all it was! We were told that the functionality of radar depends on the use of imaginary numbers.

Then we’re never shown how that works at all! What the hell kind of flaccid foreplay is that? You get me all worked up and then ditch me like that?

The Turing-like shell obsession I got. He saw such mathematical relationships too.

And I liked how it was shown to work out on paper. But by now, the series has traveled in England, to frikkin Alabama for an insect, and now to Brooklyn for a shellfish. This is BBC budgetary excess at its worst. All of these things could have been covered without draining the pot for other shows.

Yes, gravitational pull and deceptive acceleration was clearly explained, but with this huge budget …

… a crappy line graph like this, with no equation?

The series also traveled to the Alps, for astronomy. And then wound up illustrating that via an iPad app! What the hell?!

This series apparently is in the vein of Connections, where each episode is intended to build on the prior one to culminate in “The Code,” which unveils how all of life, the universe, and everything else operates.

But it’s ineptly done. There’s too little meat for people with any brains and curiosity. Swanning from country to country is nothing but an irritating gimmick that makes me think more about the money that’s been wasted than the subject at hand.

Maybe with the final episode they’ll show an accounting of it with The Code they used to convince the BBC to dole out the exorbitant funds that made this possible.

Hell, I live in America. I’m not even a BBC license payer. Yet this has still pissed me off for the amount of waste in it!

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