TV: Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot

I have to admit that I’m probably too jaded to properly enjoy this pilot and its possible series, but I can still appreciate it.

The problem, of course, is someone going around in public tarted-up in a costume. I just want to say, Get over yourself and grow up.

They don’t do away with that impulse of mine in this but they do try hard to make it plausible — but I guess my suspension of disbelief just won’t cross that chasm these days.

An athlete bound for college suddenly starts bleeding from his eyes and ears.

He’s been taking body potions legally sold by a major pharma company. The plot revolves around Wonder Woman trying to pin the goods on this company — which she thinks is doing something underhanded — while recognizing the real-world aspects such as it being against the law to physically coerce suspects as well as all the laws against entering premises without a court-sanctioned warrant.

We first glimpse Wonder Woman in full costume running down a major avenue, in hot pursuit of a suspect tied to the pharma company. She doesn’t want to turn him over the police that have arrived because he will then “lawyer-up.” But she does.

Out of costume, Wonder Woman is Diana Themyscira, in charge of a large corporation whose function I’m not entirely clear about. Part of it, however, deals with licensing Wonder Woman merchandise, including dolls (yes, that sounds laughable when typed, but it’s handled straight and is nearly believable).

She also has an alter ego, Diana Prince, that she maintains so she can get away from it all and try to live a real life.

Real-world personalities are shown in the pilot, arguing about her role in the world. Dr. Phil thinks she’s just nuts.

He should talk?

Anyway, the pharma company is run by the delicious Elizabeth Hurley!

So this is a woman-against-woman battle.

That’s as much of the plot as I will spoil.

The pilot was unfinished. No credits front or back, aside from that Wonder Woman logo title card and David E. Kelley and Warner studio logos at the end.

See the unfinishedness:

The actress playing Diana/Wonder Woman is very appealing.

And even though Wonder Woman’s body is invulnerable, her feelings are not.

They set the groundwork for a lot of things in this pilot, but I don’t see how they could pull all of that off as a series.

This was a great advance over the 1970s series, which I watched and cringed over.

I’d like to see this actress in something else, however. She has appeal.



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10 responses to “TV: Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot

  1. Interesting. You said you liked the actress who portrayed Wonder Woman in this pilot, but unless I missed it, you didn’t mention her name! Google tells me it’s Adrianne Palicki.

  2. P.S. Maybe I should have used Bing.

    • mikecane

      Hahahahah. I didn’t Google or Bing because I couldn’t be sure if that info would be reliable, since this is all sub-rosa.

  3. Damn…when will this air? I always wanted to be Wonder Woman (when I didn’t want to be Lois Lane). You may be jaded, but WW deserves a little suspension of disbelief.

    p.s. you have the coolest jobs

  4. I thought they were canceling this show?

  5. After having seen the pilot, I can only say that it was NOT the worst comic book adaptation I have seen nor was it the best. Adrianne Palicki has the physical stature and attitude of an amazon (I had to watch without the prejudice of the costume, though). As a lifelong WW fan, this was a novel idea but it is NOT the true Wonder Woman. She is one of the stable of comic book characters that is hard to translate on the small screen. Her origin is so entrenched in mythology that it is impossible to create the true story with the limited finances of a weekly series. Anyone who says the character can’t work on film need only to look at two other films that were quite well done. Thor and Clash Of The Titans. C’mon WB…get your head’s out of your asses and do the character right :)

  6. Dolly Ayu

    It must be cool if it was Mandy Moore ;)

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