Two More Steps Towards Blank Hardware

Previously on this topic:

Blank Is The New Black – portable hardware (tablets, phones) will become a low-cost disposable commodity, basically wireless dumb terminals hooked to the Net.

Steve Jobs’ Ultimate Goal: Blank Hardware And Apple Dial Tone – Steve Jobs understood this years ago.

He Sees Blank Hardware Too – someone else has caught the drift too.

Two interesting news items today that move us closer to blank hardware:

Steve Perlman unveils white paper explaining “impossible” wireless data rates

Perlman’s “distributed input distributed output” technology, or DIDO, allows each wireless user on a network to use the full data capacity of shared spectrum simultaneously with a bunch of other users. It does so by eliminating interference between users sharing the same spectrum. That’s a phenomenal invention that appears to violate the laws of physics, and Perlman calls it a “cloud wireless system.”

The technology gets around Shannon’s Law — a physics law that figures the upper limit for data that can go through a wireless channel. The new technology can transmit data at speeds that are about 10 times the limits determined by Shannon’s Law, and Perlman thinks that could hit 1,000 times the limit eventually.

Why carry anything in physical storage when wireless transmissions like that will be available?

And it’s China that seems to see what I see:

Alibaba Confirms Aliyun, Its Cloud-Powered Mobile and Tablet OS

Third-party developers can opt to either develop cloud apps over their own servers or choose to use AliCloud’s infrastructure and open platform services at a low cost and quickly develop their businesses.

Alibaba is also stressing how its mobile OS will support mobile-optimized web apps, in contrast to Apple’s emphasis on downloading apps via iTunes.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Their entire model is based on everything residing in the cloud. That’s a brave move that might be possible only in China in these very early days, just as Japan’s DoCoMo was the first to offer wireless Internet in a way that became very popular pre-iPhone. China will be a living laboratory for this.

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