Movie: Down Terrace

Sometimes, rarely, a movie comes along that is so unlike any other that the brain can’t process it.

Down Terrace is such a movie.

A crime family drama shot in almost cinema verite style with naturalistic acting and dialogue that seems more like real life being captured on film than make-believe.

It’s deceptive in that there doesn’t seem to be a plot — yet by the end of it, you feel as if it’s all been inevitable, deterministically so.

There’s nothing here that glamorizes anything. Even the violence is on a human scale. And because it’s done in near-documentary fashion, it’s more shocking than the explosive squibs and sprays of blood in conventional movies.

I’m not even sure if I liked this movie. It’s that different.

But I have a feeling this is going to be the next big underground thing that will influence many.


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