TV: Torchwood Miracle Day, Episode Four

These expressions …

… sum up my reaction to this episode too.

Now it’s Torchwood versus Anonymous?

I think this will be my final post about this series.



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5 responses to “TV: Torchwood Miracle Day, Episode Four

  1. WLS

    Mike I agree with you. Torchwood is turning into a steaming pile. The problem is that it is too damn long. 10 episodes from at best a 3 episode story arc?? What were they thinking?? Smoking crack is more likely.
    This is turning out just like :The Killing” I’ve seen more than I want to. They just made Torchwood jump the shark.

    • mikecane

      The original Forbrydelsen was good. I bailed on AMC’s bastardization within the first five minutes. They’d already fucked it up in those minutes.

  2. I can’t believe you’d abandon Captain Jack Harkness and this cautionary tale just because you’re bored. Are you sure you aren’t a 15 year old fanboy with a limited attention span…?

    (just teasing, of course)

  3. Jason S.

    Whenever I watch British science fiction TV nowadays, I wonder what the hell has happened to it. Where did all this Americanization in the characterization, scripting, and production values come from? It practically obliterated ITV’s Primeval, and now I feel it is destroying Doctor Who and Torchwood too.

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