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Two More Steps Towards Blank Hardware

Previously on this topic:

Blank Is The New Black – portable hardware (tablets, phones) will become a low-cost disposable commodity, basically wireless dumb terminals hooked to the Net.

Steve Jobs’ Ultimate Goal: Blank Hardware And Apple Dial Tone – Steve Jobs understood this years ago.

He Sees Blank Hardware Too – someone else has caught the drift too.

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Movie: Brighton Rock

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Movie: Six Bend Trap

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WordPress Gets A New Post-Publish Screen

After hitting Publish on a post, I would stay at the Post Entry screen. That’s changed. Now I see this:

Click = big

I’m not sure if I like that. Having the Post Entry screen still there was great for killing typos I found post-Publish. Now I must call that up again.

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George Lucas Loses UK Copyright Battle

Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court

A Lucasfilm spokeswoman said: “We believe the imaginative characters, props, costumes, and other visual assets that go into making a film deserve protection in Britain. The UK should not allow itself to become a safe haven for piracy.”

What “piracy”? The court ruled the legal Copyright had expired.

George Lucas and his Hollywood supporters also argued the ruling posed a “significant threat” to the UK film industry as film-makers would be deterred from using UK propmakers for fear of copyright infringement.

What FUD. Next time, Lucas, get a fully-vetted contract on paper signed by everyone involved. You lacked the paperwork and left it all wide open for the court to rule on what was being covered, not a contract.

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Weird Water

Photo taken Sunday, July 24, 2011:

Unusually placid water in the bay of New York City.

Due to the extreme heat?

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Gas Prices Leap Four Cents

Photo taken Saturday, July 23, 2011:

Last weekend I took a photo, it was $4.37.

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TV: Torchwood Miracle Day, Episode Three

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“I’ll Show Them!”

Anders Breivik: There is nothing to study in the mind of Norway’s mass killer

Sometimes there come along pathetic young men who have a sense of powerlessness and rejection, and take a terrible revenge on the world. Sometimes there are people who feel so weak that they need to kill in order to feel strong. They don’t need an ideology to behave as they do.

That’s exactly it.

While all sorts of people want complex motivations, right there is the heart of things.

Occam’s Razor at work.

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Apple The Destroyer

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