Twitter’s Self-Serving Censor Intervention

Twitter admits editing offensive Trending Topics, plans more

But now, with Twitter’s CEO admitting they have an unpublished policy to censor trending topics, and that they may do more, raises the question of what other unpublished policies they may have.

And yet spammers deface all of Twitter. They even insinuated themselves into today’s breaking news #mosman tweets about the girl strapped to a bomb in Australia.

Go on, use the words “iPhone” or “iPad” in a tweet and see how fast you’re spammed.

I think it would be useful to remind Twitter of the kind of free speech it used to permit.

After the break, its front page from June 6, 2010 (yes, 2010).

Click = big

Ah, but they can’t have that! Just look at the corporate IDs in that left column, CBS and Time are among them.

Mustn’t upset The Suits.

Even though CBS makes its coin from airing degenerate and depraved shitcoms with one-note sex jokes for a half hour at a time. During Family Hour.

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