Video: HP TouchPad Overclocked

Overclocking the HP TouchPad cranks up the speed

Last night I decided to take it a step further with the homebrew stuff, and applied a test kernel that overclocks my TouchPad to 1.7 GHz. This has been a very stable upgrade that doesn’t impact battery life much, yet has made my TouchPad as fast as any tablet I have used. Opening apps is almost instantaneous, and the entire system operation is as smooth and fast as can be.

I was, of course, skeptical.

So Kendrick, being the unrelenting Tech Fiend he is, made a video too.

See it after the break.

The browser initially still looks like slow shit, until that second page pops up almost instantly. BAM! That impressed me.

The entire thing looks snappy in that video now, unlike the clogged lagfest I encountered in my own fondle.

I wonder if I could overclock a Best Buy demo unit like that?

And see Kendrick work on me:!/mikecane/status/98851548108558336

After some confusion about reading in browser versus PDF:!/mikecane/status/98859451494318081!/mikecane/status/98860255617888257!/mikecane/status/98861381226479616

See? See? Total Tech Fiend!!

I really want to know if I can overclock a Best Buy demo unit now!

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