HP TouchPad Does Muscular Video

@webOSquire was kind enough to do a video test on the HP TouchPad.

Most of my videos are Divx/xviD AVIs. Like most devices, the TouchPad will natively handle things like MP4 and 3GP. Really worthless formats for me.

I trawled the Net and found a clip that is more muscular than most of the videos I already have, to see if the TouchPad could play it. If it could do that, everything I have should play fine.

The KalemSoft Media Player for WebOS was used in this test to play the video.

See the video after the break.

The video is 720×304, 640kbps, Divx AVI, 66.310 MBs. The framesize and kpbs are both higher than most of my videos.

For a while, you can play this game at home too. Here’s a link for the video. It won’t last too long, though, so act fast.

I could have found a test video that’s full HD, but I don’t use any videos like that and am unlikely to for quite some time. They’re just too damn big — GBs instead of MBs.

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