Red Headlines For August 5, 2011

It is with a wee bit of glee and a great big helping of schadenfreude (I voted for Nader!) that I get to do a post I think I might have last done back in 2008. It’s the Return of the Red Headlines post!

As usual, they will all look blurry from being enlarged. All of these nimrods are stingy with their front page snaps.

And the Daily News front page shows exactly what the fuck this country has degenerated to: Sports, Crash, Lottery. Too bad they didn’t have room to tell people how to get The Food Card.

The New York Times snootily refuses to use red. Some day they will crack and relent.

And the freebie AMNY asks the question of the year 2008.


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4 responses to “Red Headlines For August 5, 2011

  1. The Lottery is The Food Card.

  2. you sound like my senior husband…he’s been predicting doom for several years…and he is also delighted to be proved right. The thing is, should we really be happy about doom?

  3. Doom is boom for news sites ;-)

    What’s funny is how forgetful they tend to be and how they just can’t wrapped their editorial brains around the cause and not the symptoms.

  4. Jason S.

    The AMNY cover scared the crap out of me.

    It really has become a planet of the apes. And I’m not talking about the apes still trapped in zoo cages, but the apes in the government and on Wall Street that don’t know how to fix the wrath of their own creation.

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