A Tale Of Three Gods

Someday the Internet will have progressed enough for me to substantiate a post like this with the necessary videos clips.

Until that time, you have to take my word for it — unless you work at NBC and can smuggle me the clips to post on YouTube.

I’m pretty sure I saw all three of these on Dateline: NBC, before it degenerated into a Hunt the Predators program.

The First God
The first report was about a white teenaged American girl with a very rare and incurable affliction that I can no longer recall. She was in the hospital and not expected to live. Her parents belonged to a prayer group. They assembled this group and prayed for her. I don’t know how long they prayed or the nature of their prayers or even anything about the group of people involved. The girl, lying the hospital bed, wracked with debilitating pain, suddenly heard a voice say to her, “Get up!” It wasn’t a request, either. It was a command. I remember her in the report saying she thought, “How can I get up? I’m in all this pain!” And the voice repeated: “Get up!” She obeyed. She was totally free of pain. After testing, the doctors were shocked to declare she had been totally cured. Well, perhaps they said “remission.” I don’t recall after over two decades.

The Second God
The man in this report was a strapping fellow, an American white man. Over six feet tall, over two hundred pounds. He was a declared Christian. I think he was on his way to something having to do with missionary work, here in the U.S.. I forget the state this happened in. But he was driving during weather reports warning of an upcoming snow storm. And he was taking a mountainous route he was unfamiliar with and which locals would have told him to avoid with such weather about to break. The snow came in fast and heavy and he found himself trapped on the mountain. Now, the details of this will sound screwy, and in the mist of memory all I can do is recount what I recall. He stayed in his car and prayed for help. Even though early in the storm it would have been possible to save himself despite the freezing cold and snow by abandoning his car and hiking, he decided to reply on Divine Intervention. He died in his car. And what’s worse, when they finally found his body, it had been looted.

The Third God
The guy in this report was basically an average person of no special talent. He was in fact short and might have even been a Mexican. He was not a white American, is the point, and I think this story also took place outside of America. He was in one of those small planes — a single engine job — with other people when it somehow crashed. In the desert. Far away from anyone else. Despite all the odds, despite not having food or water, he walked. And walked. And prayed. And walked. And walked. And he was found by rescuers and he lived.

So there you have it: Three Gods.

They are having some sort of gathering in Texas today called The Response. They claim they are praying for God to save America.

Of the three people in the reports above, they sound a lot like the big strapping fellow in number two, not the totally helpless girl in the first one.

In other words, God isn’t going to do shit for you unless you start to do it for yourself — like the guy in report number three.

Cash is not going to drop from Heaven.

The financial sociopaths are not going to change their ways.

The corruption in D.C. is not going to go into remission.

It’s up to you to get off your ass and act.

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  1. Brilliant and compelling post, as ever. A call for action. Walk the talk. Like the old Napoleon Hill type adage goes, the Universe (or The Force) helps those who help themselves. Let’s go…

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