Did Anything Important Happen Yesterday?

Not according to the New York Daily News front page:

Murdoch’s rag, the Post, at least acknowledges it:

But notice the red ink was used for sports.

NY Newsday, whose readership is primarily the Lawn Guyland Long Island bottom-feeding financial sociopaths who put us here, gives it up:

But in print too small to cause stomach upset with the morning snort of coke.

And the NY Times:

Last night Drudge had a good juxtaposition:

Listen, the only thing this guy got right was the execution of Bin Laden. And that could have happened under any damn President, so he doesn’t get any real credit for that.

He’s been nothing but an ineffectual pinstripe-sucking stooge of the Establishment since he got in office.

This is what happens when you vote for a President as a decorative object instead of putting in someone who will do something different.

I voted for Nader.

So all of you, look to yourselves for the shit we’re in.

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