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Yet Another Tablet Coming

So… somehow I got interested in looking at videos of the Nokia N9 today.

This is the first thing that Nokia has ever done that really, deeply impresses the hell out of me.

Just watch this video and see:

That is just sooo smooth with UI enhancements that are really fresh and it’s overall just gorgeous.

It’s what I expected the HP TouchPad to be all along. That sleek, smooth, speedy, and lust-inducing.

Looking at that, I have to wonder why the hell Nokia decided to go with Windows when that would have had a real chance in the market without Microsoft being involved.

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The Bottom Line For All Developers


See: The Universe Is Stingy And Lazy

Rob Haitani who did the UI for the original PalmOS and its apps was so obsessed with simplification that he counted the number of taps users would have to do.

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The Universe Is Stingy And Lazy

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HP TouchPad Still Contains FAIL

I read the message boards.

Because it’s where people who spent their valuable money tell the truth about the things they paid for.

I was shocked to read that web pages won’t render in the background while in Card View. I thought this was something the webOS 3.0.2 update would fix.

It did not.

Here’s the video evidence:

What the hell good is multitasking if I can’t have a bunch of web pages building in the background while, say, I go off to check email or do something else?

Update: See another video after the break.

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